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You can legally repair your credit utilizing consumer protections laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and Much more.

The Credit Connection


How many individuals have you had to turn away due to bad credit throughout your career? It might be natural to view someone who fails to qualify for a loan by 200 credit points as a lost cause, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It might take a bit longer, but My Credit Guy develops individualized action plans for every client to improve their credit as quickly as possible. Plus, we make sure the file is loan-ready and don’t consider a client successful until the loan is closed. When you work with our credit restoration firm, you close more loans.

The Credit Connection


Education is a primary tenet of the My Credit Guy business model. We don’t just put a band-aid over your client’s credit wound. Instead, we strategize to create a long-term plan for their credit recovery. This includes educating clients on the basic principles of credit and maximizing their positive credit lines. We set our client’s up for long-term improved credit, meaning you retain more borrowers.

The Credit Connection


Not all lenders offer this crucial service for their clients. When you connect your clients to credit repair specialists, you add tremendous value to your own business. Think about it: clients want to work with lenders who are solutions-oriented and helpful. Turning people away because of bad credit without providing any course of action to improve it is the exact opposite.

The Credit Connection


When you close more loans, retain more borrowers, and add more value to your business, you make more money. Think about every person you would turn away if it wasn’t for credit repair specialists. Now, think about all of the people these clients have in their personal networks. When you help one person, they spread awareness and connect you with other potential clients. In the end, you see the return-on-investment (where, in this case, investment is only a simple phone call and file upload).

The Credit Connection


Bad credit costs thousands upon thousands of dollars for consumers. Check out the scenarios below to see exactly how bad credit negatively affects your client’s financial investments. When you save people money, they will promote your business.

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